creative results

Great results through effective and creative marketing is what CRAVING CREATIVITY is all about. As you can see from our portfolio. It is interesting to hear all our stories but it is even more interesting to hear it from others. Below you’ll find examples of campaigns we did or were involved in. There are also quotes from people or organisations we worked with in the past. Wouldn’t it be great to showcase the results of your marketing challenge? How about we have a chat about what we can do for you?

event/experience marketing

“…just wanted to flick you a quick email to say that I thought the evening was fantastic, you presented it well and I think if people had arrived with no itchy feet they surely left with them!!” – Visitor of an ‘Overseas Experience evening’, multimedia info sessions for a well-known working holiday travel agent.

advertising campaign (radio)

Never underestimate the power of a classic medium like radio. Video didn’t kill it. It’s alive and kicking. Four examples from a radio campaign (2008) that made young Kiwis (18-30) aware of the different working holiday programmes from this well-known New Zealand organisation.

website design plus SEO & SEA

DIY-OE is a new independent OE information platform where Kiwis (18 – 35 years of age) can find all kinds of information on their big OE. DIY-OE is a project created by travelers for travelers and contains inside information on working holidays and traveling that is otherwise hard to find. The soft launch was in October 2011 and new pages will be added weekly. In 2012 we entered the Dutch competition Search For Penelope (“Op Zoek Naar Penelope”) as participant Penelope199. At stake was an amazing part-time, temporary job as Community Manager. We created the blog Op Zoek Naar Penelope (dot) com to introduce people to Penelope199 and to convince them to vote for us. We also created a SEO, SEA, social media, and Facebook advertising campaign to reach as many people as possible. However we never spammed people to vote for us. It was all done in a friendly and fun way. The next project will be described in Dutch as it’s completey focussed on the Netherlands… Tevens hebben we reizen en werken in Nieuw-Zeeland makkelijk en leuk gemaakt met de lancering van 123NZ in juli 2013. Jongeren in de leeftijd 18 t/m 30 kunnen via 123NZ heel makkelijk informatie vinden over het working holiday visum voor Nieuw-Zeeland en een voordelig startpakket aanschaffen waarmee ze van 123NZ’s lokale partner alle hulp en ondersteuning krijgen bij het vinden van werken. Niet alleen makkelijk maar ook een geruststelling voor ouders en familie. Er is altijd een aanspreekpunt terwijl zoon- of dochterlief geniet van de werkvakantie in Nieuw-Zeeland.

social media community

All the benefits of social media are used in the Mo Cure For Cancer campaign, an initiative to raise as much money as possible for the Cancer Society during Movember. Once a year our mos will do the talking to change the face of men’s health.